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Quarter shares

If you like our beef, consider ordering a quarter share.  It's convenient, economical and gives you a great variety of cuts to choose from all year.

All cuts come vacuum-packed and frozen.

The amount of beef from a quarter Devon varies depending on the size of the animal, i.e. hanging weight.  Here is a rough guide of what to expect from a 600lb hanging weight (cuts may vary):



6 lbs bone-in ribeyes

4 lbs Porterhouses or New York strip

4 lbs boneless sirloin

2 lbs London broil or sirloin grilling tips


Specialty steaks

4 lbs – a selection from hanger, skirt, flank, flatiron,

bavette, tenderloin and chuckeye


Pot roasting

6 lbs boneless chuck roast

3-4 lbs top sirloin or eye round roast

5 lbs short ribs

4 lbs shanks

4 lbs brisket

12 lbs stew meat


40 lbs ground beef

Plus oxtail, tongue or liver depending on availability; and 6lbs soup bones

Total: about 100 lbs

The all-in price for 2024 is $7.50 per lb of hanging weight.  Hanging weights vary, but are generally about 600 lbs (i.e. $1,125 for a quarter). 

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