Quarter shares

If you like our beef, consider ordering a quarter share.  It's convenient, economical and gives you a great variety of cuts to choose from all year.

All cuts come vacuum-packed and frozen.

A quarter Devon yields approximately the following cuts:



6 lbs bone-in ribeyes

5.5 lbs Porterhouses

8.5 lbs sirloin


Specialty steaks

4 lbs – a mixture of hanger, skirt, flank, flatiron and chuckeye –

depending on weight and your preference


Pot roasting

5 lbs boneless chuck

5 lbs cross-rib roast

8.5 lbs short ribs

5 lbs shanks

2 lbs brisket

7 lbs stew meat


57 lbs ground beef

Total: about 113 lbs


The price is $5.30 per lb of hanging weight.  Our Devons generally average about 700 lbs hanging weight, so that would be around $925 for a quarter of an average-sized steer.  The price includes delivery within 20 miles of Hillsdale.