Quarter shares

If you like our beef, consider ordering a quarter share.  It's convenient, economical and gives you a great variety of cuts to choose from all year.

All cuts come vacuum-packed and frozen.

A quarter Devon yields approximately the following cuts (cuts may vary and actual numbers will depend on the size of the animal):



5 lbs bone-in ribeyes

4 lbs Porterhouses or New York strip

3 lbs boneless sirloin

2lb London broil or sirloin grilling tips


Specialty steaks

4-6 lbs – a selection from hanger, skirt, flank, flatiron,

bavette, tenderloin and chuckeye


Pot roasting

4 lbs boneless chuck roast

3lb top sirloin roast

5 lbs short ribs

4 lbs shanks

3 lbs brisket

5 lbs stew meat


42 lbs ground beef

Total: about 80-90 lbs

Plus oxtail, tongue or liver depending on availability; and soup bones

The all-in price is $6.00 per lb of hanging weight.  Hanging weights vary considerably, but are generally in the 600-800lbs range.  Based on a 700 lb hanging weight, that would be around $1,050 for a quarter (a 25% discount on the retail price). 

The price includes delivery within 20 miles of Hillsdale. 

All our quarters are now provisionally reserved for 2021.  Let us know if you would like to be added to our waiting list.