Starting this Saturday 18 September, we are offering a fall "braising package" of beef for your freezer: 3lb boneless chuck roast, 4lb shanks, 4lb stew and 6lb ground beef for $135 (= 10% discount).  These cuts are perfect for seasonal fall cooking - here are some great recipes

Email us here and we'll bring it to the market!

We're at the Copake Hillsdale farmers' market on Saturdays, 9am to 1pm, through the end of October.  You can also buy our ground beef (frozen) at the Hillsdale Supermarket (IGA), as well as the Berkshire Food Co-op and Bizalion's Fine Food in Great Barrington.

In winter we sell beef from the farm; give us a call at 518-325-1620 or email, let us know what you'd like and stop by the farm to collect it. 


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