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Packages!  A 10% discount on retail prices. 

Grilling package $240

2 ribeyes or Porterhouses (2-3lb), 2 sirloin steaks (3-4lb) + 15lb ground beef

Hamburger package $160

20 lb ground beef

Braising package $130

3lb boneless chuck roast, 4lb shanks, 4lb stew + 4lb ground beef

Freezer package $500

12lb steaks (3lb ribeye, 3lb sirloin, 3lb specialty + 3lb London broil)

10 lb braising cuts (5lb short ribs, 5lb shanks)

4lb stew

20 lb ground beef

and 5lb soup bones

Email us here if you'd like to place an order, or text us at 646-934-1318.

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