Price list

Prices per lb


Steaks (1 ½” thick)

Porterhouse $25

NY strip $28

Ribeye (bone-in) $24

Sirloin (boneless) $20

Tenderloin $20

London broil $11

Specialty steaks (limited quantities)

Flank $19

Hanger $19

Skirt $19

Flatiron $19

Chuck eye $19

Tri-tip $19

Bavette (sirloin flap) $16


Pot roasting and braising cuts

Brisket $12

Boneless chuck roast $12

Short ribs $9

Stew meat $10

Shanks $7

Ground beef  $8


To order: oxtail ($8/lb), tongue ($6/lb), liver ($5/lb) and soup bones ($2/lb)


During the summer we're at the Copake Hillsdale farmers' market on Saturdays, 9am to 1pm.  You can buy our frozen ground beef at the Berkshire Food Co-op in Great Barrington.

In winter we sell beef from the farm; call 518-325-1620 or email, let us know what you'd like and stop by the farm to collect it.