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Price list


Prices per lb


Steaks (1 ½” thick)

Porterhouse $25

NY strip $28

Ribeye (bone-in) $24

Sirloin (boneless) $20

London broil $11

Specialty steaks (limited quantities)

Tenderloin $26

Flank $19

Hanger $19

Skirt $19

Flatiron $19

Chuck eye $19

Tri-tip $19

Bavette (sirloin flap) $19


Pot roasting and braising cuts

Brisket $14

Boneless chuck roast $14

Top sirloin or eye round roast (boneless) $10

Short ribs $10

Stew meat $10

Shanks $7

Ground beef  $9


To order: oxtail ($10/lb), tongue ($6/lb), liver ($5/lb) and soup bones ($3/lb)


We're at the Copake Hillsdale farmers' market on Saturdays, 9am to 1pm, from late May through the end of October.  You can buy our frozen ground beef at the Hillsdale Supermarket (IGA) and at the Berkshire Food Co-op in Great Barrington.

In winter we sell beef from the farm; call 518-325-1620 or email, let us know what you'd like and stop by the farm to collect it. 

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