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About us

Here at Pym Farm we raise grass-fed Red Devon cattle.  We’re dedicated to producing delicious, top quality beef from contented, healthy animals, pasture-raised according to organic methods, without hormones, non-therapeutic antibiotics or steroids.


Our heritage Red Devon cattle live on grass all year long.  From spring through early winter we practice rotational grazing, moving the animals frequently between pastures.  This results in higher quality, more nutritious, sweeter grass, and thus better beef.  In winter, the cattle are fed hay.


Quality of life for our cattle is very important.  We provide a low stress environment with access to shade and shelter, fresh water, insect eradication, yearlong suckling for new calves, side by side weaning, bi-annual vet checks and hoof trimming.

It’s this environment and our animals’ freedom to follow their natural diet that give our beef its exceptional taste and flavor.

Pym Farm is run on an organic method basis.  Due to our farm’s isolated position, our land is not exposed to chemicals from neighboring farms.

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